Drink More. A Possible Life Altering Strategy.

The County Well – “Drink More.”

Graham Guest, County Well co-founder (of Houston-based Moses Guest) provides lead vocals, guitar, banjo, pedal steel and keyboard throughout—all while adding significant tone, texture and style to the tracks. Local Idaho heroine Michaela French and Michael Batdorf (One Ton Pig) contribute lead vocals as well. Also featured: on drums, Josh Kelly (Bruce Willis Band); bass, Lyle Evans (Chris LeDoux); horns, Bob Hemenger; violin, Bill Panks; keyboards, Adam Rossi (Jeffrey Halford) and local Paul Gregory; guitar, Mark Karan (Bob Weir’s Ratdog), Graham Guest and Don Zimmer.

100% of proceeds benefit the artists.

Music by: https://www.floatingrecords.com