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Thanks for joining us at Off The Wagon Days festival
celebrating Rebecca’s Private Idaho

Sunday, September 1 • Live & Free Music 11am – 4pm!
Sun Valley Records is proud to present the stage at Festival Meadows. Celebrating Rebecca’s Private Idaho and our local community. Enjoy local bands and SVR guest band Jeffrey Halford and the Healers.

Musical Guests

  • Graham Guest

  • High Mountain Herd

  • Michaela French and Friends

  • Jeffery Halford and the Healers.

Thanks to Music Sponsors

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Featured Project


CDs can be purchased at The Community Library and at local businesses. All proceeds go directly to The Community Library. Thanks to the 22 musicians who donated their music to this powerful collaboration.

www.comlib.org   •  415 Spruce Avenue North, Ketchum, ID 83340

Support The Community Library!

“Keeping It Home”, a compilation of 22 local artists as a fundraising tool for The Community Library. This collaboration is the brainchild of local music producer Don Zimmer, co-founder of Sun Valley Records. The idea blossomed from the spirit of collaboration and the power of music to make connections.

Proceeds benefit The Community Library.

Sawtooth Brewery and Sun Valley Records. Making a Difference.

So here’s how the story goes.

When Sun Valley Records approached Sawtooth Brewery about crafting a custom beer for local musicians, Paul Holle didn’t skip a beat in saying “yes”. After all, beer and music go hand-in-hand and Sawtooth Brewery isn’t new to collaborating on projects that help our local community.

We met with Paul a few times to discuss how to make our beer sing. Don Zimmer from SVR shared that he envisioned a Lager, and so when Paul invited us to come help rub hops to find just the right “tone” for our beer, we uncovered a hop that inspired the senses.

Weeks later we went to the Sawtooth Brewing Room to help Paul make the beer that would be labeled “Infinity Lager” which is designed to be paired with the release of The County Well’s CD, “A Little Infinity”.

10% of Infinity Lager sales, and 100% of The County Well’s “A Little Infinity” go to the Musician Fund which supports local artists and events. We can’t thank Sawtooth Brewery enough for making our dream come true.

Help us to keep the dream alive. Drink a beer and enjoy the music!

Our Mission

Get More Money To Musicians!

When you purchase and download music on Sun Valley Records you become a part of real change for artists.

And, when you attend a Sun Valley Records sponsored event you know that musicians are being paid a fair fee.

Our mission is to provide quality music for listeners while amplifying artist and empowering them to own their music and success. Bottomline, we get more money to musicians.

We invite you to join us.

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