Featured Album Release

Floating Records is proud to announce the return of the sonically experimental, musical collaboration known as The County Well.

It follows the success of the release of their debut CD, “Future Country,” and second outing, “A Little Infinity,” which was paired with the creation of a uniquely crafted “Infinity Lager” beer from the Sawtooth Brewery.

“Drink More” continues the creed of freedom and fun. Having moved to the Wood River Valley of Idaho from Marin County, where The County Well was conceived, Don Zimmer, County Well co-founder, who is also producer, guitarist and songwriter, has continued his creative pursuit of the Tom Waits, mad professor of the recording studio style. Painstakingly recording one track at a time with stalwart musicians from across the country, Zimmer has produced a 12-song, 32-minute journey across multiple musical genres.

Drink More – A Possible Life Altering Strategy