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Casey Jack Kristofferson – “Bluebird, Blackbird”

Casey Jack Kristofferson is a folk, rock, and blues songwriter from the mountains of central Idaho and writes many songs about the scenic landscape.  “Bluebird, Blackbird” has  been defined as a genre bending work imploring a unique mix of folk, blues, and experimental music. 

Robbie Walden Band

The intensity of singer/songwriter Robbie Walden is evident in everything he does. His music is a unique blend of Texas Red Dirt, Outlaw Country and true Americana. With influences such as Randy Rodgers Band, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and Gary Allen, Walden’s music pleasantly surprises listeners with his distinctive, unexpected vocals and poetic, vintage outlaw songwriting that expresses his inner strength, dedication, witty sense of humor and personal heartbreak.

Robbie Walden Band

The intensity of singer/songwriter Robbie Walden is evident in everything he does.

Moses Guest

“LIGHT”  is a feast of rhythmic, tight and super refined rock, with hints of blues and jazz.

Professional and polished it certainly is, however, there is enough feeling and heart to give it some edge.”   Beehive Candy

Floating Records – Don Zimmer

“An effervescent and ever-shifting landscape of rich electronic grooves, minimalist melodic fragments, and haunting atmospheric textures. Surprises throughout with unexpected sonic elements wedding earthy acoustics with spacey ambience.”

Light On The Water

Don Zimmer has created the right blend of music that evokes the many sounds and emotions felt being out at sea. Atmospheric, moody and calming, Music from Life on the Water – Volume 1and 2 are a great compilation of tunes to play for a sail on the bay, or chillaxin’ with friends.

The County Well

Future Country is an album that embodies the idea of musical collaboration and sonic experimentation within the underground country music scene of Northern California. The project, County Well, is led by musician and recording engineer Don Zimmer with the goal of connecting the talents of both local and traveling musicians.

Jeffery Halford – Lo Fi Dreams

If you can imagine Tom Petty singing vocals for the Eagles while BB King plays dirty blues, then you have a taste of the awesomeness that is Jeffrey Halford. On his eighth CD, Lo-Fi Dreams, he strips down his sound and lets the magic erupt.  Every song is worthy of accolades. The songs will make you get up and dance, while they also stimulate your senses with an overwhelming sense of upbeatedness and drive to get things accomplished. 

Hill Roberts

One of the best aspects of being involved in the music industry is listening to the news sounds as they emerge. All the genres, the voices, the styles, the intonation, how does it feel? Here is one that surpasses all the expectations.  The motion and depth are so real as to not belong to our current time. You want to be moved, spend sometime in the company of Hill Robert’s “Catfish, Let The Music Take”.


Reverend Freakchild

The Rev. features a few friends on this this record. Chris Parker (Bob Dylan, Joe Cocker, Paul Butterfield Blues Band, John Hammond Jr.) lends his skills on the skins, providing the beats for all the tracks. On Track 2 by Hugh Pool on harmonica, rocking the country blues of Jesus on the Mainline into the modern age with a new raw blues version of Depeche Mode’s, Personal Jesus. Track 3 Mark Karan (Bob Weir, Ratdog) on lead guitar for an original sorrowful San Francisco lament, Hippie Bluesman Blues. Track 4 Garrett Dutton (G Love and Special Sauce) blows harmonica and sings backing vocals with the amazing Hazel Miller, adding a hint of hip-hop to make for a soulful sounding infectious title track-Dial It In! Track 8 Brian Mitchell (BB King, Levon Helm, Al Green) tickles the ivories, and Track 9 Jay Collins (Greg Allman) gets a little jazzy with the Bob Dylan epic adding a Morphine type tone with tenor and baritone saxes. The Rev. then brings it back home and pays tribute to Blind Willie Johnson with a version of Soul of a Man, adding a few new verses.